About us

Our practice believes in providing a good quality, friendly and approachable service. We believe that the provision of services should be equal to all, regardless of age, race, sex and disability.

Our vision

Here at Summerhill Surgery, we endeavour to offer you an appointment with a Health Care professional within 24 hours and a GP within 48 hours.

If you wish to see a specific GP on a particular day, you may have to wait longer than 48 hours. Our reception staff can advise you.

Please remember to cancel any appointments you no longer need. Non-attendance appointments could be used to see other patients who require medical attention.

If you are too ill to attend the surgery, please contact the surgery on 01384 273 275 before 11:00 to request a home visit.

Your details will be taken and a GP will usually contact you at the end of their morning surgery, before visiting you.

Summerhill Surgery operates on a general partnership basis, our partners are:

  • Dr Nicholas Plant – Senior Partner
  • Mrs Carol Tyler – Managing Partner
  • Dr Sukhdev Sihra – General Partner
  • Dr Rupinder Athwal – General Partner